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I believe there are two types of people in the world: ones who make lists and ones who should. And I think most list-makers would agree with me.

Of course, not everything needs a list. You don’t need to write down “Do Laundry” or “Wash dishes,” but it certainly feels good to cross those bad boys off when they are done. This is why I’m sharing a selection of my favorite Maids cleaning checklists, so you can get more done and add more happy checkmarks to your life.

How To Clean Your Bedroom

Did you know that by making your bed, your bedroom looks 30% cleaner? Kickstart your day–and your cleaning routine–by tackling this task first. And then do the rest of the items on this free bedroom cleaning checklist.

How To Tackle Your Home Office

Every freelancer I know uses this awesome home office cleaning checklist when they are procrastinating a project. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a cleared desk, clean windows, vacuum lines, and a hot cup of coffee. Or three.

How To Clean a Baby Nursery

Little humans a great at making their own messes, which is why it’s even more important to make sure their bedrooms are easy to clean. We’ll walk you through this easy nursery cleaning checklist so you can make the most of naptime (and we’re referring to yours!). If you have older kids, this fun Weekly Chore Chart is a great way to learn this necessary life skill.

How To Properly Clean The Bathroom

Potential customers looking for the best cleaning service almost always list bathrooms as their main area of concern. This isn’t surprising, obviously. No one springs out of bed looking forward to killing mildew and scrubbing toilets (well, other than our teams at The Maids, of course). This handy bathroom cleaning checklist will make the task a lot less painful. If you want completely painless, click here.

The Fastest Way To Clean a Kitchen

In my experience, the fastest way to clean a kitchen is with a soundtrack of 80’s music. And this kitchen cleaning checklist. Once you’ve tackled all the nooks and crannies, keeping it clean is a much easier process going forward–almost as easy as calling us to clean it.

Bask in the tasks!

Don’t rush the rush that comes with accomplishing something–even something as simple as printing off our entire library cleaning checklists. We’ve worked hard to give you an expansive list of cleaning hacks to help make cleaning and organizing a manageable part of your life. Check back often!

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