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Six Tips for
Christmas Cleanup

December 30, 2020

The completion of the holiday season can bring about lots of emotions: relief, sadness, or satisfaction. But most everyone feels one major feeling in common… the overwhelming dread of taking down the decorations. Decking the halls was fun, but un-decking? Now that’s an uninspiring chore. 

An important detail to note is that the more thought and care you put into the storage, the easier next year will be. So get a jump-start on your resolution to be more organized, and follow these tips for Christmas cleanup.

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Treat ornaments with care.

Many ornaments are delicate and require some extra care. Buy or create an ornament box; one with layers of honeycomb separators. Using this will make sure that every item has a place. For extra breakable items, wrap in acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap, and try to keep them in their original boxes to avoid mix-ups.

Avoid a tangled ball of Christmas lights.

Keep Christmas lights from tangling by wrapping them around the empty tubes from your wrapping paper. Loop the cord around the roll, starting with the side opposite to the plug, then, insert the plug into the tube’s opening. If you’ve already thrown away your gift-wrap tubes, paper towel tubes work, too.

Post-tree cleanup.

If you have an artificial tree, gently wipe the branches with a slightly damp, microfiber cloth. Let the branches dry completely before storing. If you’ve decorated with a real tree, do a quick online search to find a location in your area that collects trees for compost. It’s a useful and environmentally friendly option.

Designate a wrapping paper place. 

Wrapping paper is bulky and often awkward to store. Some people like vertical storage containers for their wrapping paper rolls; these tall containers make closet storage easy. You can also choose a rectangular bin that’s long enough. Use a clear, plastic bin to store ribbons and bows.

Get creative and think multipurpose.

Hang your wreaths on clothes hangers, cover with a plastic garbage bag, and then store them in a closet or on a beam. You can protect your fancy candles from scratches by first tucking them into an old pair of pantyhose. An empty egg carton makes a great storage container for small ornaments and other tiny knickknacks.

Call in the professionals.

Between hosting family, cookie crumbs, snow boot prints, and stray pine needles, the floors and other surfaces have undoubtedly accumulated some unwanted mess. Give your home a nice, deep clean with a call to The Maids. We’ll get your home the fresh start it needs to begin the new year.

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