header2You tip your barista, your waiter and your hairdresser, but what about house cleaning services? It’s indeed the million dollar question. “Do you tip for cleaning services? And if you do tip, how much is appropriate?” We’re happy to shed some light on this tipping etiquette mystery once and for all.

It is unnecessary to tip housekeepers who are employed by professional house cleaning companies. As paid employees of the cleaning service, they do not expect additional gratuity from home owners. However, some of our regular customers do like to tip during the holiday season to show appreciation for the people who have served them throughout the year. While our team members do not expect to be tipped for the work they perform, they truly appreciate the kindness.

For those who choose to tip, it’s best to add it to your form of payment. Most offices’ policy is to pool all monetary gifts received throughout the holiday season and distribute them fairly, ensuring larger shares go to those team members who have been to the homes more often. Tipping housekeepers is, of course, at your discretion, and never expected or solicited. When you use The Maids, you should already expect perfect service.

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