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At the Maids, we constantly witness how clutter derails even the most diligent homeowner. Paper, laundry, trinkets and piles all have a way of multiplying when the lights are off (and some have the audacity to do it while the lights are on). Before you know it, your once clean home is now overrun with stuff.

While we may not need a specific week of the year to be aware of clutter, this week is when we come together to recognize the havoc it plays on our everyday life. Study after study has shown that clutter causes stress, anxiety and can overwhelm – three things we know you don’t need more of in your life.

We’ve collected our favorite blogs on the subject to give you plenty of motivation, tips and fun throughout the week to help you find your best lift – it’s under there somewhere!

Day 1

These Clutter Statistics Will Shock You

Clutter isn’t just an inconvenience. It’s an epidemic. The first steps you can do to get yourself clear of clutter is to be aware of the effect it is having on your life.

Day 2

The Blocks, Boxes & Bins Method for Eliminating Clutter

We wrote this blog six years ago, but it’s still a fan favorite for telling clutter where to go. Whether you use this method during Clutter Awareness Week or anytime you want to clean your home, you’ll leave your home better than you found it – and you may find more than you expected.

Day 3

The Kitchen Diet: How to Lose 10 Pounds of Clutter from Your Cupboards.

Want to lose 10 pounds of clutter in 30 minutes? Start in the kitchen. We’ll walk you through how to organize, donate, toss and store to give you the uncluttered countertops and well-stocked (and stacked) shelves of your dreams.

Day 4

Warning: You are Losing Money From a Cluttered Home Office

Your home office should work like a loyal employee. If your home office has been losing bills, missing messages, and cramping your style, it’s time for a sit-down. We’ll give you the talking points.

Day 5

Get Undone in the Bedroom: 7 Ways to Take Clutter Out and Put Awesome In

Is clutter causing you to lose sleep – because your bed is too crowded with laundry, books and yesterday’s crossword? It’s time to tackle your sanctuary with some tough love and this handy infographic will guide you right through it.

Day 6

Organize Like a Man: No-Nonsense Ways to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

We know what you’re thinking – but you’re wrong, this isn’t that type of post. The fact is, sometimes we need to take a different perspective if we want different results. And here are a few ways to do that.

Day 7

‘Clean’ing Jokes That Are Actually Funny

You’ve made it! After a week of decluttering tips, your house should look and feel bigger, more organized and a lot more manageable. Now’s a great time to set back and reward yourself with something fun (or funny, as the case may be).

And, since your home has shed a few layers, It’s also a good time to call a cleaning service. Chances are, your baseboards, windows, bathrooms, and floors could use some attention, too, and what better way to celebrate your organization efforts than to get it cleaned and keep it that way?

Check out more organization and decluttering tips from The Maids on our Tips, Tricks and Cleaning Hacks page.

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