We often get asked “What are the best cleaning supplies to get my house clean?” The truth is, you don’t need fancy gadgets or barrels of cleaning products to excel at housecleaning.

We suggest the following cleaning tools to tackle household chores:

MICROFIBER CLOTHS: A professional housecleaner’s best friend, these specially-made nylon cloths grab and hold more dirt and germs than regular cotton cloths due to “hooks and loops,” and can be used wet or dry. Wash and reuse them repeatedly, but launder them separately and don’t use any fabric softener.

VACUUM: Do you live with pets? Allergies? Flights of stairs? Want fresh carpet and clean hardwood floors? Check weight, maneuverability, filtering system and accessories before you buy a vacuum to ensure it meets your requirements. Those equipped with HEPA filters (like the ones The Maids use) remove up to 99 percent of particulates, including dust and allergens, which is especially helpful for people with seasonal or animal allergies.

DISINFECTANT WIPES: These are perfect for in-between kitchen and bathroom cleaning, including sinks and countertops. When cleaning your bathroom, remember not to cross- contaminate wipes between toilets and sinks.

RUBBER GLOVES: When house cleaning, be kind to your hands, especially when using hot water or harsh cleaning products.

BRUSHES: An essential addition to your cleaning supplies! Whether kitchen cleaning or bathroom scrubbing, a few good brushes can transform a ho-hum cleaning job into a sparkling success. A toilet brush scrubs off stubborn stains. An old toothbrush releases mold and grime from tile, tight places or grout. A larger scrub brush is perfect for removing soap scum and other hard-to-remove substances.

LEMON JUICE, VINEGAR: Not just for your summertime salad! These mildly acidic liquids are natural cleaners that can sanitize, clean soap scum, remove stains, and get windows squeaky clean while saving you money and the environment.

SPRAY BOTTLE: Use for homemade cleaning products or all-purpose cleaners that need to be mixed with water. Just be sure to label the bottle appropriately for safety.

ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER: While store aisles are lined with cleaning products for just about every room, appliance or area in your home, a simple all-purpose cleaner is really all you need. These products handle a variety of needs, including cleaning tile floors, removing handprints from walls, or cleaning granite countertops.

DISHWASHING LIQUID: Mild soap isn’t just for plates and glasses. Use a soap/water mix to clean stovetops, refrigerators, tabletops, and more.

TUB AND TILE CLEANER: Use at least once a week to remove mold, mildew and grime. See our article on cleaning your ceramic tile shower for additional cleaning tips for this area.


There you have it: cleaning supplies recommended by the pros. Now that the easy part is over, the real work begins. But if you’re running low on elbow grease, give us a call. Ask about a whole house deep clean that’ll make maintaining a clean home much more manageable.



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