Why is it that thoroughly cleaning the interiors of our vehicles gives us such immense satisfaction? Taking the time to get into the nooks and crannies, vacuuming up the dirt and crumbs and wiping down the interior feels like a huge accomplishmentBut of course, what gets cleaned, must also get dirty again. Here are some tips to keeping that “new car” feeling longer between cleanings. 

  1. Keep a trash “can” in the car. Retailers from online to brickandmortar sell car trash receptacles that fit in cup holders, snap to the back of the seats and stash away behind center consoles.  
  2. Line cupholders with silicone baking cups. This genius hack keeps cupholders spotless by containing the crumbs and spills in one easily, removable liner. Simply pull out the baking cups once in a while and rinse them out. 
  3. Sort your glove compartment papers. The glove compartment seems to be the place where papers enter but never leave. Instead of trying to find that one scrap of paper when you need it, grab an inexpensive mini-file folder with multiple sections. Keep insurance cards, registration, repair receipts and manuals organized under their own tabs. 
  4. Use plastic caddies in the back seat. Made for organizing your bathroom, pantry or cleaning suppliesthese little helpers are a godsend for vehicles. Use them to store car entertainment for little ones (books, minigames, cards, etc.) or to hold portions of meals on the go. 
  5. Keep a stash of plastic bags in an old tissue box or plastic container. Grocery store bags are perfect for keeping muddy shoes, wet swimsuits and other undesirables off your upholstery and carpet. 
  6. Use a waterproof backseat cover. This is a must for parents of both the two- and four-leg varieties. The covers come in different options; some just cover the seat (still super useful for kids that spill) and others attach to the backs of the front seats offering 180-degrees of coverage for hauling wet, muddy furry friends.  
  7. Keep wet wipes on hand. Stash a pack in your center console or glove compartment to clean up sticky messes, fingers and faces. They are also great to dab at those coffee spills on shirts that always seem to happen on the way to work. 
  8. Take something out every time you leave. Don’t leave papers, trash or cups behind. Take at least one thing with you inside when you get home. Don’t forget to check the hatch or trunk once in a while 
  9. Store dusting tools inside the car. Microfiber cloths make short work of a dusty dash – with no cleaner needed. Keep the cloths within easy reach in the center console or in a seat pocket. 
  10. Don’t allow stains to set. The longer you wait to clean an upholstery or carpet stain, the harder it will be to eventually remove. Most car interiors can be cleaned with a mild cleanser and even pretreated with stain remover. Be sure to test a small spot first.  

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