Glitter, glue, and pumpkin guts… oh my! Halloween season sure is spooky, but the scariness should come from costumes and tricks, not from messes.  

Here are ten ideas for minimally messy, maximum fun seasonal activities.  

  1. Pumpkin checkers: Use those adorable, mini pumpkins as checker pieces. A DIY checkerboard can easily be crafted with a large section of cardboard. Assign each player either white or orange, and watch the festive fun ensue.If your board is small (or your kids are younger), use the same concept to play tic tac toe.

  2. Pretend pumpkin balloon stomp: Fill orange balloons with candy, stickers, or other treats before blowing them up and scattering across the backyard. The kids can stomp until they pop; at the end, have them race to pick up all the loose balloon scraps.

  3. Eye hunt: Decorate ping pong balls to create appropriately creepy, little eyeballs. Then hide them a la Easter Eggs, and let the search begin.

  4. Web walk:If you’re stuck inside due to chilly weather, this one is perfect for wiggly little ones. Use colored washi or painter’s tape to create a “web” on the floor. Instruct them to walk the lines, staying on each strand until they make it to the other side. Come up with alternate routes to extend the fun.

  5. Spider races:For this game, you’ll need straws and a couple of plastic spiders. Each contestant will blow into their straw, propelling their spider racer across the floor. 

  6. Costume dance party: Just as simple as it sounds- put on some festive tunes, pass out some glow sticks, and let the costume-clad kiddies dancetil they drop.

  7. Guess it: This one’s a classic and takes almost zero prep. Fill a jar with candies of a certain kind, and then have kids guess the number in the jar. The winner gets the candy as a prize!

  8. Pumpkin stem ring toss:Just like a traditional ring toss, but use pumpkin stems as the targets. Talk about multipurpose décor!

  9. Pumpkin decorating: Ditch the hassle-prone carving for some more creative decorations. Think about paint, stickers, googly eyes, and other fun ways you might bring your pumpkin to life.

  10. String donuts:Think of it as a modern twist on bobbing for apples. Loop a donut through some string, hold it above the eater; only rule is that they can’t use their hands. We advise taking this one outside.

How will your family be celebrating the spooky season this year? Leave us a comment! 


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