A party is great but throw a harvest-themed party and you’ve really got something special. A good harvest party should embody everything that’s fabulous about fall – crisp nights, cozy fires, warm drinks, and tasty food. The key to organizing a successful event is all in the details, or should we say the pumpkin-themed details. 

 Make Pumpkins The Star 

Pumpkins aren’t just for carving jack-o-lanterns, they have all types of decorating uses. 

  • Use a light or white pumpkin to stencil a welcome greeting for guests. Better Homes & Gardens has a free template download. Or use pumpkins to show off your address by stenciling each house number on a different pumpkin – just make sure they don’t get out of order! 
  • Hollow out a pumpkin, line it with a napkin or paper towel and use it as a serving bowl for chips, fruit or candy.
  • Buy mini pumpkins and spread them throughout your home. These inexpensive gourds can be painted, glittered and even hollowed out as votive holders.
  • Line the driveway or walkway to your home with pumpkins or opt for jack-o-lanterns if you’re holding your party at night.
  • Santa isn’t coming just yet, so fill the inside of your fireplace with pumpkins instead, just don’t light them! 

Add Festive Fall Food 

The flavors of fall are many and they should all be present at your harvest party. 

  • It’s cold outside so make sure to warm guests up with a hearty soup. Roasted butternut squash soup, creamy potato soup, brie cheddar beer soup, or any other fall soup, will surely hit the spot.  
  • Carmel apples are the ultimate dessert for any harvest bash. Try this recipe for a gooey homemade treat. 
  • Sugar cookies aren’t just for the “other” holiday. Grab some leaf cutouts and decorate your baked cookies with autumn-colored frosting or glaze. 

Top It Off With Drinks Aplenty 

A great drink can not only keep the hands warm, but the spirits up. 

  • Nothing says fall like apple cider. Make sure this classic is front and center at your bash. Serve this hot spiced cider and you can’t go wrong. 
  • Craft beers shine in the fall as many come in delicious fall samplers. 
  • This pumpkin spice latte will have you skipping the Starbucks’ line forever.
  • Mix up an adult fall-inspired cocktail like these autumn-flavored martinis. 

Don’t Forget To Set The Mood 

It’s all about the ambiance.  

  • After you’ve decorated with all the pumpkins you can find, throw some hay bales around.
  • Light an outdoor bonfire to keep your guests toasty warm as the temperatures drop.
  • String some lights up to add extra sparkle to the evening sky. 

Follow these tips and your harvest party will be long-remembered by your guests. Don’t forget to call The Maids first to help get the inside of your home clean and tidy so you can properly set the stage for your event. We even offer free estimates! 

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