According to the latest research, there are actually more rewards for having your kids do chores than getting a helping hand around the house. Studies have shown that children who grow up doing household chores become more self-reliant, responsible adults. That being said, there are a few ground rules to cover before assigning out cleaning tasks. Here are some easy do’s and don’ts of giving the kids house chores.

Do – Make Chores Fun

Make chores as playful as possible with the kids. How? Try playing games like dirty laundry basketball where the kids try to toss all of the dirty clothes into a big basket. Or spark a scavenger hunt, where the kids find as many wayward magazines, shoes, and pieces of unopened mail as possible and put them in the right place before time runs out. Additionally, something as simple as playing music as you all clean can also make the activity feel more like together-time than a chore.

Don’t – Use Chores as Punishment

If your kids start thinking of chores as punishment, they’ll never look forward to doing them. You want to encourage the kiddos that cleaning the house is a part of being a supportive family, rather than something they have to do because they did something “bad.” A clean room is a good thing, and a chore list is nothing to be afraid of!

Do – Start Early

When kids are younger, they’re more eager to help. So start at the right age! At age 3, kids should be able to put their toys away; by age 5, they can help you put silverware in the drawers, and by 7, they can feed the pets and begin to help with bigger chores, like folding towels. On average, one out of three kids does household chores, with children between age 6 and 12 doing around three hours of housework a week.

Don’t – Complain About Your Own Chores

Kids listen, and if they hear you complain about dishes or laundry, they’ll start thinking of chores in a similar negative light. Granted, no one really loves chores…but having a neutral or positive feeling about them can greatly influence your kids to feel the same.

Do – Create a Chore List

Chore charts for kids show who’s responsible for what each week. This can be a rotating schedule with everyone in the house or a check-off list for the usual routine. You may also want your list to include plenty of pictures, colors, and stickers the kids can put on once they complete their tasks. It’s an interactive way to keep things on schedule but also fun.

Getting the kids to help out around the house translates to having good life skills. That being said, if you need help doing a really good deep scrub, count on The Maids! Whether you need a seasonal deep clean or simply want things spic-and-span before the grandparents come over, we have you covered. Call us at 1-800-THE-MAIDS for a free price quote today!

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