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Housecleaning. If you can’t learn to love it like we do, then it’s best to laugh about it. And maybe hire a maid. We love finding and creating cleaning memes almost as much as we enjoy sharing them—so keep sharing them, and keep smiling!

Sometimes it’s best to come clean.

Might want to keep this cleaning meme saved on your desktop. In case of emergencies.

sorry for the things i said meme

For a good time, call.

Or you can just click here.

house cleaning more fun

A real wrinkle in time.

Probably not what Madeleine L’Engel was hoping for, but it’s loads more fun.

phyllis diller quote

Let it be.

Or find someone else to do the housework. We happen to know four amazing people willing to tackle the job.

theory on housecleaning meme


Say how you really feel.

To tackle your weekend to-do list, first dust off the ol’ sarcasm.

weekend cleaning

Here’s to peace starting at home.

Just because she didn’t start the argument doesn’t mean she didn’t win it in the end.

men cleaning meme

We hope you enjoyed these funny cleaning quotes and clean jokes. Ready to put even more happy into your life? Call us today to schedule your free estimate. You’ll be surprised how much more fun life is when you hire the best maid service.

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