There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly cleaned house. But, the key to making your home feel all comfy and cozy inside lies in creating an atmosphere with aromas.

Atmospheric Scents

Sitting on your front porch on a rainy day or taking a walk on the beach, there’s a scent for that! Incense sticks and oils release a light fragrant smoke into the air. As natural aromat­ics, incense and oils are extracted from actual plants, flowers, barks, gums and resins, so there’s a large selection of really great natural aromas to choose from. I personally love burning incense because the scents are so subtle and smooth, not overpowering.

Food Scents

Mmmmmmm. There’s nothing more comforting than the smell of food. Try boiling cinnamon sticks in water on the stovetop to release the natural aromas into the air. Add some lemon, apple or orange slices to pull those warm, fruity notes…then, you just let it set while the scent waifs through your home. Another way to get that natural citrus scent I learned from my mother-in-law; poke a dozen cloves (use the pointed end) into an orange, tie it with a string, and hang it in the corner in your kitchen. The cloves will absorb the juice and slowly evaporate the scent into the air.

Natural Scents

With springtime comes all sorts of wonderful fragrances from flowers and herbs. Since my husband is a chef, he loves having his own herb garden with herbs like rosemary and basil which give off very distinct smells. We plant our herb garden right next to the back door so that the natural aromas wander in as we come and go. Eucalyptus plants smell fresh and clean, plus they last a long time. I like to put a small bundle in a vase in my bath­room, not only is it a decorative element, but it keeps the room smelling fresh between cleanings. Ahhhh. But, what’s the simplest way to get a fresh-smelling home? Open the windows! Let that pure, clean, fresh air flow right through your home.


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