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Frequently asked questions

The total investment to become a franchisee is approximately $150,000. This investment includes initial territory fees, products and equipment, and all start-up and operating costs which are detailed in Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).  Using our in-house financing, your cash requirement can be as low as $100,000 with The Maids financing up to 100% of your territory investment! Request The Maids’ Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for full details. 

The Maids franchise opportunity is the perfect investment for someone who wants to work during regular business hours, enjoy a flexible schedule, and grow both a profitable and promising business.

Franchisees come from all backgrounds, and most of them have no residential cleaning experience. To ensure their success, The Maids offers the most comprehensive training available in the industry!

The Maid's Smart Start is all about keeping costs low while building velocity in your start-up. We advise new franchisees start with just 2 to 4 employees in addition to the business owner which positions you well to scale into the future. 

Yes. The Maids helps you with vehicle specifications and branding. The car becomes the “rolling billboard” of your operation!

Another critical element of The Maid's Smart Start program is to focus on minimizing fixed costs in your operation.  While an office is certainly convenient to have, it is not required to launch your business.  The Maids offers a home-based option to start, and works with you to develop a game plan to to into an office space as your business begins to scale and grow.  In the future, your business can operate in as little as 500-800 square feet, and will serve as the hub of operations, employee recruiting and training, sales, and for storing equipment and supplies. 

With the help of your full-service marketing team, you benefit from both national and local marketing strategies designed to attract and keep customers.

We are selective about the people to whom we award franchises. We have a thorough qualification and discovery process that enables us, along with you, to determine if The Maids is the right fit for you.