Fall & Spring House Cleaning Services

Leap into the Spring Season with a Clean House

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and your kids are starting to sneeze in the mornings. Yes, it’s spring! This is the season of new life and new beginnings—oh, and allergies, but you’ll get those sorted out quickly. It’s also the perfect time for spring cleaning, so celebrate the new beginning by sorting through your belongings, tossing the things you don’t use anymore, and performing a deep clean on your house so you’re ready to enjoy a summer without clutter.

That all sounds great, right? But clutter, dust, and grime can build up during the winter, and that means dedicating a ton of time to getting your household in order—time better spent elsewhere. Why commit yourself to hours and hours of clearing it out? Let The Maids handle the mess!

We Also Offer Deep Fall Cleaning

Spring isn’t the only time of year to give your home the thorough scrubbing it needs. When fall arrives, you can deny it as much as you want, but winter is peering just around the corner. Before you batten down your home’s hatches for the season, take the opportunity to rid it of any lingering dust, dirt, and germs. As the cooler weather kicks in, let us roll up our sleeves and give your home an autumn deep clean, just in time for winter to set in. The uniformed, residential cleaning teams dispatched to your home will scrub the top of your refrigerator, burrow under the beds to clear out all the dust, and tackle the soap scum hiding in the bathroom. And we don’t stop there. From light switch plates to toilet seat hinges, we’ll clean and sanitize your home.

We Go Deeper

When you hire The Maids to help out with your spring cleaning or fall cleaning, you get more than just a quick scrubbing. Let us delve into the nooks and crannies of your home, clearing out dust from places you didn’t know it had accumulated. We’ll also clean your carpets and furniture with our HEPA-equipped back pack vacuums, which can capture up to 99 percent of pollen and allergens from your home. Allergies won’t stand a chance here!

Years of Excellence

When you contact The Maids, you’re reaching out to a team with decades of experience in providing excellent cleaning services. Our clients often refer us to friends and family members because of the outstanding work we do. Let us help you greet the new season with a newly cleaned home. Call to inquire about our spring and fall cleaning services. We’ll give you a free quote, and you’ll be well on your way to a wonderful season.

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