Laundry Room Cleaning

The day after laundry day is the best part of your week. Everything smells fresh and warm and the towels are at their softest. Getting all your clothes and linens ready for the week can put your laundry room through the ringer, and someone has to clean up. However, after sorting, washing, drying and folding a household’s laundry, you’ve been through the ringer, yourself. Just one look at the sticky detergent bottles and dryer sheets scattered on the floor, and you know it’s time to call in The Maids for professional laundry room cleaning.

Cleaning laundry rooms is part organizing and part deep cleaning. Our experienced team will bring order back to the chaos with some light pickup and wipe out germs, lint and dust, too. Whether your laundry room is a small alcove or holds everything but the kitchen sink, we’ll polish and disinfect every surface to help your clothes stay cleaner and your family healthier.

Call 1-800-THE-MAIDS or contact The Maids team in your area for a free estimate on laundry room cleaning services and our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System. Just one phone call and your home will feel fresh well beyond laundry day.

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