How to Start a Cleaning Business

The residential cleaning industry is growing and if you want to know how to start a cleaning business, you're in the right place. Starting a house cleaning business offers minimal startup costs and attractive profit potential if you choose the right opportunity. If you're an entrepreneur who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty and you know a good opportunity when you see one, read on. 

If you're like most future cleaning business owners, you turn to the internet to research industry trends, statistics and feedback from those in the know on how to start a home cleaning business. If you use or WikiHow as sources, here's what they will tell you about how to start a house cleaning business:

  • Tap all your resources for the support you'll need, such as the SBA and similar sources
  • Develop effective and efficient systems to reduce labor and operational costs
  • Avoid selling your services too low because you're a new player in the field
  • Develop digital skills for website building, social media posting, etc.
  • Figure out what services you will offer
  • Create a good name for your business
  • Research and study best practices for a successful startup
  • Learn about your insurance requirements
  • Create a profitable pricing structure
  • Learn how to build your brand and market your services
  • Etc.!

Starting a cleaning business can seem daunting to even seasoned business executives. There's a lot to learn and the best information is not always readily available. While you're learning how to start a house cleaning business, your future competitors are hard at work establishing their territories—often in the very markets you want for your business. Every hour you spend learning the ropes is an hour you aren't building a customer base and bringing in revenue. 

A better option is partnering with a well-known and established residential cleaning service franchisor so you can get up and running to generate income more quickly. Home cleaning franchises are a popular and profitable option to consider when starting your own cleaning business. From the benefits of brand recognition and marketing resources to proven systems and ongoing support, there are a lot of pros and very few cons with a franchised maid service business

How to Start a House Cleaning Business the Easy Way

When you choose to become a franchisee with The Maids, you avoid most of the challenges and risks of starting your own cleaning business from scratch. Our proven success model provides all the tools you need to get started quickly and build your business efficiently. 

For 40 years The Maids has provided residential cleaning services across North America and was ranked No. 10 on the Top 100 Franchises for Less Than $100,000 in a 2019 list published by Entrepreneur Magazine. Our almost 200 franchises and hundreds of available markets means we have the brand recognition and the opportunity for growth. 

We are committed to making your maid service business a success with training, marketing and other support to help you get off to a running start and build your business the right way. Our franchisees come from all walks of life and they have found The Maids' business model to be a profitable, long-term business opportunity.  

The Maids is one of the leading residential cleaning companies across North America because of our proven systems and our commitment to our customers. Our philosophy is founded on meeting or exceeding customers' expectations, employing well-trained, professional team members and providing a healthier clean in every home we service. We care about our customers and we care about our franchisees. Here is just some of what you can expect from The Maids:

  • An established brand with a great reputation
  • Proven processes in the field and in the office
  • Virtual and hands-on training for you and your team
  • State-of-the-art scheduling software
  • Safety and human resources support
  • Partnerships with preferred vendors
  • A national call center to assist with sales
  • A network of successful franchise owners ready to help you build your business

We also offer transparent investment information so you understand upfront the costs of starting your own cleaning business. When you compare our fees and other costs with the typical maid service business, you'll see that our fees are very competitive. In addition, our in-house experts and franchise partners and other resources will give you the knowledge you need to keep costs under control as you grow your business.  

Since we are the only residential cleaning service to clean exclusively for health with environmentally preferred products and tools, you'll find even more success in the growing niche of "green cleaning." From our proven systems to our unmatched support, The Maids is ready to help you create a successful residential cleaning business of your own. 

To find out more about how to start a cleaning business with an established franchisor, request franchising information from The Maids and find hundreds of opportunities across North America.