Good Communication is Good Business

Good communication is key to the success of your business. It allows you to share information with both customers and employees, and when done properly, leads to increased profitability.

Experts at The Maids, the residential cleaning company that remains a model for the franchising industry, suggest these ideas to strengthen your communications.

Technology gets your message out quickly and cheaply, but it won’t be effective unless your what you share stands out from millions of others messages. 

* Develop an easy-to-access and easy-to-navigate website. The site likely is your first contact with customers; make an impression, tell your story and answer all questions a customer would ask.

* Create a Facebook page. This gives your company added visibility and helps build community. Customers can praise your product – free advertising – and also discuss bad experiences. Learn from all of these posts.

* Writing a blog can keep your business in the news and allows you speak as an expert. Blogs should be casual and honest; your intent is to inform and build trust.

Communications with your employees are equally important. As the owner/boss, you need to inform employees about goals, new projects, or issues that are keeping the company from moving forward.

* When communicating with employees, keep the message simple and straightforward. Use anecdotes to get points across and always be honest and genuine. Don’t be vague; for instance, set up goals that are easily measured.

* Sometimes what you don’t do can have a huge impact on the company. Because part of your job as head of the company is to inspire, motivate and educate your employees, you can’t spend all of your time in your office and call it a day. Spend designated time each week talking with employees as a colleague, not as the boss. Ask for their ideas and their complaints and listen and learn.   
* Your employees are the people who connect with your customers. Make sure internal communications clearly express strategies, branding and how your company stands out from competitors so that employees internalize these messages.