Create Added Value to Gain New Customers, Retain Current Ones Say The Maids

Too often, when businesses face stiff competition, their first tactic is to offer discounts to try to woo customers. This isn’t the best strategy because in the end, cutting prices eats away at profits. Instead, businesses should add value to products or services in order to gain new leads and retain loyal customers. Use creativity to compete with your opponent not your pocketbook.

Experts at The Maids, the residential cleaning company that remains a model for the franchising industry, suggest these low-cost ideas to build your customer base, increase goodwill and boost your bottom line.

Bundle – To attract new clients and retain loyal customers, create packages that include your most-requested services. In addition, new services or products can be bundled with old services to highlight fresh features.

Better service – Stand out from competitors by making it your mission to provide exemplary service. Look for opportunities to provide above-and-beyond service to regular customers or those who will pay for extras.

Buyer’s club – Create loyalty by offering bonuses to those customers who frequently buy your products or order your services. Some businesses hand out “buy-ten-get-one-free” cards or provide other incentives to keep customers coming back. These may cost you a little money initially, but any loss will be made up in the long run.

Education – Some services or products are easy to use; others need explanation. Ensure that customers understand your product’s capabilities or it will be underutilized. If customers aren’t using services, they also aren’t telling others about your company and they likely won’t buy more.

Recognize clients – One way to recognize your best clients is to mention them in newsletters or other marketing items. Another way to honor your clients is to partner with them in charitable endeavors. You’ll not only promote goodwill, but you both will earn increased visibility.

Communicate – Use newsletters or emails to tell customers about sales, new products, the latest trends, and even news about your business. Create a need for your product or service but keep the focus customer-centered.
About The Maids:

Known for its 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, The Maids is the only franchised residential cleaning service to clean for health, combining environmentally preferable cleaning supplies and state-of-the-art equipment with a methodical process to maintain the healthiest living environment possible for families. The Maids enjoys a 96 percent customer referral rate, distinguishing them as the residential cleaning service of choice. Visit The Maids ( for more information.