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Are you a fit for The Maids?

To maintain our strong reputation, live up to our brand promise and continue our system growth as a franchise, The Maids International works to ensure candidates are a good fit for the company, culture, system and brand, which ultimately leads to aligned success.

A typical franchisee of The Maids is a former corporate executive or manager who decided (with or without help) that he or she wanted to control his or her own destiny.

The Maids International looks for candidates who seek an executive experience. The ideal person should be interested in working on the business, not in it. The individual should be growth-minded and have the passion, intrinsic motivation and drive necessary for success, naturally a hard worker and personally dedicated to achieving goals.

Ready to be in a "People Business"?

The individual should plan to be fully focused on the business during its start-up phase, guiding and training managers, working with customers and providing leadership, motivation and direction to staff. As a franchisee of The Maids, you are expected to think big, overcome obstacles and evaluate results and find solutions.

Maid service is a “people business” so The Maids International seeks candidates that demonstrate an energy for working with people. They will be able to relate to clients, are successful at networking and have a desire to be a voice in the community. Personality traits include being personable, charismatic, outgoing and socially confident. Simply put, successful franchisees put customers and employees first, understanding relationships are paramount to business success.

Is the investment right for you?

Finally, franchise candidates should be well capitalized, possess an entrepreneurial spirit, and see the value of having a proven system to help them and be fully ardent about following it. Additionally a background in, or at least an understanding of, marketing is also helpful.

As a franchisee of The Maids, your business isn’t simply about cleaning homes; it’s about improving the lives of customers and employees. Improving lives is why we do what we do; cleaning homes is simply what we do.

If you are interested in investing in a business with a higher purpose than what might meet the eye, and are excited to have the opportunity to serve staff and customers, we invite you to learn more about what being a franchisee of The Maids has to offer.