During our routine house cleaning services, our staff does more dusting than the average homeowner. Here are some professional dusting tips and tricks to help make this household chore quick and effective. A little polish goes a long way.

Or none at all. In fact, for the majority of dusting jobs, all you actually need from your cleaning supplies is a damp microfiber cloth. Furniture polish is great for wooden surfaces that could benefit from added protection and shine, but painted or matte surfaces may actually be damaged in the long run. When in doubt, just use water.

Nooks and cranny duty.

For a once-a-year deep clean, grab a paintbrush, some cotton swabs, and a butter knife to get into those hard to reach places where dust and gunk can accumulate. (Dining room chairs are often the biggest offenders). This is a timely chore, so it’s best broken up to one room at a time. Once you’re done, the room should be okay for another 6-12 months, depending on the action it sees.

Clean from top to bottom, like clockwork.

A sound tip from the housekeeping pros: Let gravity help you get your job done! Start at the top (ceiling cobwebs and tops of curtains) and working your way down from there. Wipe the dust toward the middle of the room, and work your way around methodically so that you cover (or rather uncover) all your bases. And, speaking of bases, don’t forget your baseboards and your air vents, which will almost always need some sort of attention.

Dust under AND around.

Make sure to pick up items that are on shelves and dust under them. Then take the time to dust the items themselves before putting them back. For a deep clean, all ceramics can usually be washed in hot, soapy water; wooden and unsealed materials should be dry-dusted with a fresh cloth and cotton swabs as needed. Television and technology components should be dry dusted with a microfiber cloth.


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