Getting your pantry organized won’t just make meal times much easier, it’ll keep you from wasting money on forgotten products and get you one step closer to a healthy, happy home.

Follow these organizing tips to keep your pantry in order:

Clear the Shelves

Start by removing everything. Use an all-natural cleaning solution of baking soda and warm water to clean shelves and deodorize the pantry. Replace shelf liners to keep the shelves crumb-free and make cleaning easier.

Check the Dates

Check the expiration dates on all your food and cooking items, tossing anything expired. You might even check the dates of items you wouldn’t normally expect to expire – baking soda, olive oil, wheat flour and spices.

Group It

Group similar items together before you begin refilling your shelves – put baking items together, spices with other spices and so forth. Consolidate what you can and toss out what you don’t need.

Utilize Your Space

Now this is the fun part. Look inside your pantry and determine how you want to arrange everything. What do you use the most? What can be placed in containers? Put loose food in airtight containers to better utilize your space and maintain freshness. Stackable, clear containers make it easier to spot and access items.

Instead of hiding spice jars with the rest of your food, keep them all in a basket or find a metal shelf hanger that can be hung on your pantry door. If you have enough room, you can even hang small metal storage bins on your pantry walls to give the space a very classy, organized appeal.

Last, But Not Least: Label

Prevent confusion and clearly label pantry items. You’ll know what everything is and where to put it after use.


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