Housecleaning Tips: How to Clean Your Bedroom Fast

To start, grab the following cleaning supplies: Small, soft-bristled brush such as a toothbrush Microfiber cloth All-purpose cleaner or wood polish Can of compressed air (optional) 15 minutes   WASH LIGHT FIXTURES AND DUST OR VACUUM LAMPSHADES Turn off lights and soak

How to Clean a New Home

Moving into a new home is akin to making a fresh start. Before heavy furniture or other objects are in place and the items of everyday living are unpacked, give your new abode a thorough cleaning. Here’s how to clean your new house to help you start off with a clean

How to Clean Your Home Office

Working from home is a privilege not everyone gets to partake in, so if it’s something you’ve been able to do, well, we’re envious! Whether you’ve got a long-established work-from-home situation, or are just scouting around for home office ideas, we’ve put together an

Kids’ Printable Weekly Chore Chart

There’s not way around it – weekly chores can be, well, a chore! But given the right motivation and incentive, your child can learn the boundless lessons of responsibility and commitment that come with weekly chores. Our printable chore chart for kids

How to Organize to Increase Space in Your Home

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You’re running late for work and know the perfect outfit you want to wear. Unfortunately, with a stuffed closet and crammed dresser, finding that shirt is like looking for a grown-up at a One Direction concert (and if you’re asking who

How to Organize Your Pantry

Getting your pantry organized won’t just make meal times much easier, it’ll keep you from wasting money on forgotten products and get you one step closer to a healthy, happy home. Follow these organizing tips to keep your pantry in order: Clear the Shelves Start by

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