YouTube Channels You Need to Be Following

In the age of online inspiration, Pinterest usually takes the cake. It does provide for awesome scrolling visuals, but what if you’re looking for more in-depth content? Look no further than YouTube. It’s not just for kids unboxing toys (what’s with those, anyway?), but is a goldmine for homemaking hacks, cleaning tips, decorating, frugal finds, and more.

These are the YouTube channels you should be following:

At Home With Nikki is an aesthetically pleasing and popular channel for all things organization. Nikki’s advice spans from properly organizing a refrigerator, getting a backpack reading for school, to preparing gorgeous holiday tablescapes. 

Do It On a Dime is a brilliant compilation of videos aimed at helping you create the home you want- on a budget. Kathryn, its creator, is a Dollar Tree genius; she knows where, when, and what to buy. Her content helps viewers organize small spaces for less, clean with natural products, and implement other money-saving tips.

Clutterbug is an enjoyable and entertaining channel that provides great weekly, organizational advice. Its videos cover a variety of housekeeping hacks for creating more storage, beautifully organizing small spaces, laundry hacks and morning cleaning motivation. The creator even gives personal tours of her own home’s rooms to see how she outs her tips to action.

Clean My Space offers the perfect inspiration for people who don’t naturally ~love~ housekeeping. Viewers get practical advice about cleaning better, faster, and creating a minimalist look in their living spaces. The creator’s simple cleaning routines and fun motivation has fans loving the way their homes look. 

Kristen Kasper: A Little Bit of This + A Little Bit of That is a blend of housekeeping, lifestyle, hauls, and recipes. Her clean routines are approachable and fun, and her hauls give great advice about helpful purchases.

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