Every holiday season my plan starts out with the same vision. Smiling, happy holiday card printed the week after Thanksgiving. Freshly baked goodies for all of my lovely friends and neighbors. Gorgeous meals. Perfectly shaped tree with all of my favorite ornaments, glowing with lights.

And every year I end up being so stressed out by the holidays I end up wishing they were over. And that’s not what I want at all.

So this year, I’m throwing it all out the window. I’m setting the bar low so that I can’t help but be impressed with myself. Here are some handy tips.

The Holiday Card

Again, lower your expectations. Most of those card printing sites are designed specifically for you to feel like you are failing as either a human, a parent, or a photographer. Just kidding. But not really.

Best: Everyone wearing coordinating outfits, smiling like they mean it, with a backdrop that matches the card design.

Good: Everyone is mostly smiling and looking at the camera.

Good Enough: No one blinked.

The Turkey

Plan for the best, prepare for the worst in this scenario. By all means, go for the bacon-wrapped-bourbon-soaked-turkey manifesto. But if that should go horribly wrong, find some big sunglasses, and…


Best: The recipe goes according to plan, but you vow to never go through that much work again.

Good: The turkey is dry, but you have bourbon gravy.

Good enough: The turkey is awful, and now you have more room for pie.

The Cookies

Holiday cookie baking is best left for the fearless, so if that’s you, proceed accordingly.


Best: You make them and the dough IS delicious.

Good: You make them, the dough is only ok, and you give them to your coworkers.

Good enough: You get to eat the cookies your coworkers give you.

The Tree

One of the most observable signs (at least from the street) for who has their holiday act together, your tree is probably the highlight of the season.  At least for your pets.


Best: Your tree fits, your ornaments are as lovely as they were last year, and your cat is disinterested.

Good: Glass ornaments are over-rated. Less to pack away this year!

Good enough: Wreaths. Wreaths are good.

And if all else fails, here’s your holiday cheat sheet.


Happy holidays from The Maids!

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