‘Tis the season for quality family time and beautifully wrapped packages. It’s also the season when your husband asks you if “we” got anything for his dear Aunt Linda yet.  Gift-giving is part of what makes the holidays merry, but it’s a lot of pressure to come up with unique ideas for every important person in your life. Not to mention the accumulating purchases can also become very expensive. 

DIY gifting is a thoughtful, creative, and inexpensive way to take care of everyone on your list, and contrary to popular belief, a lot of DIYs are actually cool. We’re not talking about clunky, clay ornaments here. Below are several, fun ideas for gifts your loved ones will actually want. 

Custom map art. 

Personalized artwork like this is a thoughtful gift for long-distance relatives or are a great way to honor a place that is meaningful to the receiver. Use a stencil to trace a heart (or any shape) around a special location on a map, cut it out and mount the shape on a bright background. Finish by adding labels, matting, and a frame. 

Homemade soy candles. 

Candles are a universally loved gift. Not only are these simple to create, but also the ability to mix scents makes them easily customizable. Dress up your gift with a beautiful label, or pair it with a box of tea for a relaxing vibe.  

Personalized dishware.  

This project’s supplies are super simple; all you need is a dish and an oil-based sharpie (well, and an oven). Here is a step-by-step guide to creating monogrammed mugs, and it includes instructions on how to bake the dishware to make the art permanent. Another great idea is to print a special family recipe on a casserole dish or serving platter. You could also choose to create a dish with a quote, funny inside joke, or child’s drawing. The possibilities are truly endless! 

Stovetop potpourri. 

For the loved one who seemingly has everything, give the gift of a beautifully smelling home. This natural stovetop potpourri is especially great for those who are sensitive to synthetic fragrances.   

Vanilla & brown sugar scrub. 

Some wonderfully smelling scrub is the perfect remedy for that weathered winter body. The recipe is natural and perfect for anyone with skin.  

Hand warmers.  

Who doesn’t want some toasty and soft warmers to hold in their coat pockets on a chilly, winter day? These only need to be popped into the microwave before an outing, and they’re good to go. Follow this step-by-step guide; it even includes an adorable printable to accompany the gift. Make the warmers even more personalized by choosing the perfect fabric for the recipient.  

Ice cream party. 

This Ice Cream Sundae in a Box is a very cute gift, especially for a family. Fill a box or basket with all things ice cream bar: different types of cones, a scoop, plenty of candy toppings, and lots of sprinkles. All the gift-ee needs is to grab some ice cream, and they’ll have a particularly sweet night in. 

A perfectly cleaned home. 

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t exactly “DIY”, but it is both practical and luxurious. Give the gift of a one-time cleaning from The Maids. Gifting someone with a clean home is instantaneous stress relief. Your loved one will enjoy a fresh and organized abode all while thanking their lucky stars for such awesome relatives. 

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