Even if you clean your bathroom like the pros and everything looks squeaky clean, some areas get missed. From those out-of-the-way spots to things you may not think to clean, even the shiniest bathroom has hidden dirt and germs. To make sure your bathroom is immaculate, add tackling these often-missed areas to your bathroom cleaning routine.  

Are You Missing These 10 Things When You Clean Your Bathroom?

Your Bathroom Trash Can

You take the trash out regularly and may even rinse out your trash cans. But how often do you clean your bathroom trash can thoroughly and disinfect it? Many bathroom trash containers sit near the toilet, so they are susceptible to tons of germs. The next time you clean the bathroom, scrub your bathroom trash can in the tub, rinse it with hot water, let it dry and give it a good dose of disinfectant spray inside and out.

Behind the Toilet

Cleaning the outside and inside of the toilet is a bathroom cleaning staple, but what about that hard-to-reach area behind the toilet? Just think about all the hair, dust and “unpleasantries” that have missed the mark — especially if you have kids! Stop ignoring this area and give it a cleaning to stop odors. Use a microfiber mop to reach the area behind the toilet and get all that buildup out of there. Finish the job by spraying a generous amount of disinfectant behind the toilet and leave it to finish off any germs and bacteria.

Your Toothbrush Holder

Your toothbrush holder probably hasn’t been cleaned in quite a while — if ever. You make sure you rinse your toothbrush after you use it. But then you stick it in a holder that can be full of germs and bacteria that transfer to your toothbrush and eventually your hands. Keep bacteria at bay and give your toothbrush holder a good scrubbing with a small brush (not your toothbrush!) and then disinfect it. Let it dry before storing your toothbrush again. If your vanity has toothbrush holders, lotion bottles and other stuff scattered all around, keep in mind that an organized bathroom is usually easier to keep clean.

Bathroom Window Tracks

If your bathroom has a window, you probably clean it once in a while. Dirt, grime and even dead bugs can collect in the window tracks. A scrub brush does a good job getting those tracks clean, and a Q-tip can help you get into tight spots. Finish the job by vacuuming up the dirt you loosened up. If you see any signs of mold and mildew around the window area, use a non-toxic cleaner to get rid of it.

Exhaust Fan

It’s easy to overlook cleaning your exhaust fan because it’s typically up high in the ceiling. When you neglect cleaning your exhaust fan, you let dust build up. The fan becomes less efficient and you can end up with mold and mildew problems because the moist air lingers in the bathroom. To clean a bathroom vent fan:

  • Make sure the exhaust fan is off.
  • Press the spring clips together, remove them from the slots in the fan housing and pull down to remove the fan cover.
  • Use a duster or vacuum to carefully clean out the dust around the fan housing and the fan cover.
  • If the fan cover is especially dirty, you can wash and rinse it in the sink.
  • Once the fan cover is dry, reinstall it and let your exhaust fan get back to work.

Pro Tip: To remove as much mold-causing moisture as possible, always run the exhaust fan whenever you shower or bathe and let it run for 20 minutes afterward.

Kids Bath Toys

Those innocent bath toys are your bathroom’s dirty little secret! If you never consider cleaning your kids’ bath toys, you’re not alone. After all, those toys get a bath every time your kids do! But those cute toys can be a haven for germs, bacteria and even mold. Here’s how to make sure your kids’ bath toys are as clean as they can be after a bath:

  • For squeezy toys, squeeze out any water and replace it with a solution of three parts hot water to one part vinegar.
  • Let the vinegar and water sit for 10 minutes, then squeeze out the solution and the germs. Let it dry.
  • You may want to consider using a glue gun to seal the hole altogether to prevent any future bacteria growth inside.
  • For other bath toys, periodically rinse them in the sink with the same vinegar solution and dry them to prevent bacteria or mold from growing.

Shower Curtain

You may think of your shower curtain much like those kids’ toys. It gets a shower every time you do, so what’s the big deal? Shower curtains are typically covered with soap scum, mold and mildew. This means they need regular cleaning like the rest of your bathroom. The easiest way to clean a shower curtain is to throw it in the washer. Mix your shower curtain and liner in with your towels, add detergent and baking soda and wash away all the grime and germs. Hang it back up to let it drip dry. You’ll have a cleaner, healthier and brighter-looking shower curtain.

Bathroom Drains

Bathroom sink and shower drains get a good workout day in and day out. All that soap, shampoo, dirt and grime can build up and cause odors and clogs. At least weekly, when you clean your bathroom, pour a cup of vinegar down the drains, let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse with plenty of very hot water. Lift the pop-up stoppers from the drain, remove any gunk using an old toothbrush, rinse and replace. To keep your drains clear of obstructions, clean out any debris and hair with a piece of wire or drain brush each month.

Shower Doors and Tracks

Like shower curtains, shower doors can become covered with grime and scum that can lead to mold and mildew. Mix baking soda and water into a thick paste and rub it on the doors with a non-abrasive sponge. Let it sit and rinse with vinegar. If your shower doors slide, don’t forget to clean the aluminum tracks that guide them. Plug the drain holes with a piece of a cotton ball, fill the track with vinegar, let it sit overnight and then rinse away all that gunk.

Light Switches, Doorknobs and Cabinet Handles

You may wipe down the bathroom light switch, drawer pulls and handles when you clean your bathroom, but cleaning and disinfecting are not the same things. Think of how many times a day someone in your home touches the bathroom doorknob, the drawer pulls and cabinet handles. Are you sure your kids wash their hands? Clean hands or not, these commonly touched areas harbor plenty of germs and bacteria. Scrub these areas regularly and disinfect them to prevent the spread of germs. While you’re at it, don’t forget to give the toilet paper holder, towel holders and toilet handle the same germ-fighting treatment.  

Pro Tip: For the most effective disinfecting, follow the directions on your disinfectant. You’ll usually need to leave the surface wet with disinfectant for up to 10 minutes to get rid of germs.

The next time you clean your bathroom, make sure these often-missed areas are on your cleaning list to get your bathroom cleaner and healthier. If you need a helping hand, The Maids® is ready to tackle your bathroom and all your other rooms with our weekly cleaning services. Get your quote today and find out what healthy cleaning is all about.

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