Cleaning tips from The Maids to relieve stress

Cleaning might be what you need to destress. Photo cred

Feeling frazzled? Cleaning up your living space may be a productive, easy way to relieve stress. According to The American Cleaning Institute a clean house makes people feel happy, satisfied, comfortable and healthy. Why wouldn’t it? When life is hectic and crazy, a clean home environment provides a sense of control and order.

If you are feeling stressed, we at The Maids have some ideas to help work out your frustration and pent-up aggression.

·     Beat stress away by cleaning large throw rugs. Spot clean any stains then hang them over a deck railing or clothes line and cajole the dirt and dust out with a tennis racket.

·     Vacuum your couch cushions and then take them outside to beat them with your palms while they air out.

·     For a freezer coated with ice, use a heavy dull object, such as a rubber mallet wrapped in a cloth, and then gently whack the ice until it breaks off. When putting items back in, make sure to put the oldest items in the front so they are used first.

·     Scrub the floors but do it the old fashioned way – on hands and knees. Use a folded towel to cushion your knees and slide around the room. Wear sweatpants or something similar – shorts will leave towel marks on your knees!

·     Turn on music you enjoy to help put you in a better, vibrant mood. Dust to the beat and waltz while vacuuming.

·     Clean the inside of the windows then open them up to breathe in the fresh fall air. This will help calm your nerves.

·     Back in the kitchen, get out your cookware, fill the sink with water and give all the pots and pans a vigorous scrub, inside and out. Use the proper scrubber and the right cleaner – a gentle abrasive is awesome for stainless and aluminum. A toothbrush will get the gummy stuff around the handles and rivets clean. Wear gloves, rinse, and see your smile in a shiny stockpot.

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