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How To Get Your Home As Clean As It Can Be

Even the most novice cleaner knows a good cleaning job always should include wiping down surfaces and cleaning the floors. In the bathroom, sinks, showers and toilets should never be skipped. In the kitchen countertops and dishes should be always be done. Vacuum the living room and your weekly cleaning is complete, right? Not exactly. While these tasks are ok for a quick pick-up, they really don’t get your home as clean as it can be. That’s where our cleaning service comes in. 

The Maids has a 22-Step Healthy Touch process that cleans areas and items you’ve most likely skipped. Don’t believe us? See for yourself. 

Kitchen Appliances And Cabinets.

We’ll follow right behind you and re-clean your counters, load the dishwasher and clean the hard surface floor, but we don’t stop there. Not only will we clean the outside of ALL your appliances (refrigerator, microwave, oven and dishwasher) but we’ll clean inside the microwave and the top of your range where your greasiest messes have been scorched on. And for the finishing touch – we wipe down your cabinets. Just because your cabinets may not look dirty, you’d be amazed at how much grime collects on them, especially on recessed panels. Our cleaning service gets it all off. 

Bathroom Toilet And Towels.

You’re most likely already hitting the yukkiest spots in your bathroom, i.e., the toilet and sink. We’ll not only clean your sinks, counter and floors, but we’ll go one step further by disinfecting both your toilets, tubs and showers. These surfaces require more cleaning muscle than any other surface. You want it clean, but we’ll leave it sanitary and we’ll hang fresh towels when we’re done.

High And Low Spots

For all the other rooms in your home we’ll not only pick up clutter and empty trash, but we pay attention to the nooks, crannies and other areas that aren’t at eye level. We look up to remove cobwebs from corners and dust sills, ledges and wall hangings. We’ll also look down to vacuum under the bed and along the baseboards. And our cleaning service doesn’t forget those other chores you put off, like vacuuming the furniture and stairs and changing your bed linens.


There’s something about windows that force many of us to draw a line in the sand when it comes to cleaning them. Maybe we’re holding on to old memories of grandmothers spending the day with a bottle of vinegar and newspaper to get the windows absolutely streak-free. Whatever the reason, windows usually get left off the cleaning list. We come in and clean your entry window, your patio doors and the window above your sink because, well, you should have a clear, clean view of the outside.  

The best part about all of these areas we clean that you may skip? We clean them EVERY time we come to your home, no matter if that’s once a month, week or every day. Ready to hire our cleaning service? Contact us today.

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