I wouldn’t exactly classify myself as a hoarder, but when I decided to tackle organizing the bathroom last weekend….I was shocked by what I found.


First I pulled out a bin filled with lotions, and I do mean filled. Fancy lotions, extra moisturizing lotions, lotions acquired from various hotels I’ve visited in my life. Lotions of every size and shape. As I continued onward, I discovered expired medications, old soaps, shampoos and conditioners, and even a cosmetic bag with make-up over 10 years old, all packed away neatly in a bin, out of sight, out of mind. Sound familiar?

Did you know that every product expires? Cosmetics and lotions aren’t required to have an expiration date on the package like food, however using these products past their prime can be hazardous. Products like foundation and mascara accumulate bacteria with repeated use, and over time the preservatives protecting the product will breakdown making it more likely that you will get infections or skin irritations.


When you’re not sure how old your products are, it’s best to put them to the sight and smell test before throwing them away.
SIGHT: Look at the consistency of your lotions and liquid make-up, if there is a clear separation starting to form, it’s time to go. Also look for areas of buildup or discoloration.
SMELL: If everything looks alright, give it a sniff to make sure it still smells how you remember.


What are you waiting for? Now is as good of time as any to say “out with the old” – get rid of your old products and add some space to your linen closet.


Miss A

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