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There’s just something about carpet. It’s soft and comfortable, perfect for lounging on the floor with kids, it softens slips and falls and reduces noise. It’s also been shown to improve air quality. New carpets actually act as a passive air filter, trapping dust, pollen and other particles. That being said, you need to take some care to thoroughly clean them.

Vacuuming 101

Vacuuming your carpet is the first step to keeping it clean. Your carpet is working hard to trap all that dust and particles, so you need to make sure to hit the high traffic areas at least once a day; the same goes for the areas your pets love to frequent. Give your entire home a good once-over at least once a week. Or, you can call The Maids and we will come over with our HEPA-equipped backpack vacuums which capture up to 99 percent of pollen and allergens.

Slow and steady wins the race here too. Take your time; your vacuum works much better when it has time to really suck up dirt. A good rule of thumb is to count to three with each forward and reverse stroke. Don’t forget to overlap your paths as well and use the extension hoses for corners and baseboards.

You can take it a step further and sprinkle a little baking soda on your carpet first, leave on for at least 30-minutes, or better yet overnight, and vacuum up. The baking soda helps soak up any odors you or your furry friends leave on the floor. Emptying the bag often and cleaning the filter will keep your vacuum in tip-top shape for five to 10 years.

Don’t Wait To Treat Stains

There are a couple hard and fast rules about tackling carpet stains: don’t wait to treat and always, ALWAYS, blot, don’t rub! Rubbing a stain will only spread it around, working it deeper into the fiber and most stains are easier to remove if the liquid hasn’t had enough time to penetrate.

Many stains can be removed with what’s already in your kitchen. Mild dish soap, just a couple drops, mixed with water works for most dirt, pet and grease stains. It’s a good idea, especially with pets stains, to follow up with a mixture of one part vinegar and one part water, which will knock out any lingering odors. Finish by blotting the stain with a clean, dry towel.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

At-home carpet cleaning machines can be found anywhere vacuums are sold. Many use bristles and a mixture of water and cleaning solution to gently “scrub” the carpet fibers and immediately extract the liquid. Read the manual carefully and only use the recommended cleaners as some cleaning products can leave a dirt-attracting residue behind, making your carpets look dirtier than before! To avoid this, follow up with a mixture of a half-cup vinegar to a gallon of water to remove any residue. Be careful not to “soak” your carpet. Take the time to complete suck up any excess water. Ventilate the area or use fans to speed up the drying time.

Know When To Call The Experts

A professional carpet cleaning, done twice a year, is really the best way to keep your carpet clean and looking its best. Professional cleaning machines are better than anything you can buy at the store. Plus, a professional cleaner will always use the best products for your carpet, just make sure to check with your carpet warranty for any particular requirements.

Speaking of experts, The Maids know their stuff when it comes to cleaning carpets. We can stay on top of the dirt that gets into your carpets, keeping them fresh, clean and looking great for years to come. Here’s a list of cleaning services we offer or contact us to get a free estimate.

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