What Not To Do When Getting Rid of InsectsLast week my toddler came up to me, super excited to tell me something new. “Mom look,” he said, pointing to our living room carpet, “I found a tiny baby ant. Isn’t it so cute?!” Since ants aren’t my ideal version of a household pet, I didn’t want to let him in on the fact that this ant wasn’t here to stay. Before I started to panic, I thought maybe it’s just one ant and I wouldn’t need to worry about more uninvited little house guests. But as I looked around, I saw there was another ant and another. It was in that moment that I could feel a slight panic come over me.

Insect invasions happen to the best of us. These tiny little critters can enter your home through open doors, cracks, windows – you name it. If you’re anything like me, I think you’ll agree that the best place for insects is outdoors.

There are many ways to get rid of bugs from the inside of your home, but there are also many mistakes that people make. Here’s what not to do when getting rid of insects.

Don’t just vacuum them up
At first that may seem like a logical idea. Vacuuming them up will get rid of the problem right? Ummm… not so much. What you may not realize is that when you put your vacuum away, your little friends have a new local hangout. The result,  you’ve just moved your problem from the living room to the closet.

Don’t go spray crazy
A lot of people just take out the insect spray and go nuts trying to spray the bugs. But they don’t realize if the bug was on the couch, carpet, or any sort of textile that spray was not made for, they may gain a new stain. Sometimes there are casualties of war, but don’t sacrifice spraying down your home with chemicals for an ant invasion. There are many natural remedies to get bugs out of your home. Click here for 10 natural options that help get rid of ants.

Don’t think there’s just one
Thinking that little ant came solo to the party was probably an unrealistic hope. Most of the time when insects come into your home, they bring more than just their best friend. Whatever you do don’t think that that was the only one, because you could have a major problem on your hands.

Remember, the first line of defense in your battle against an ant invasion is prevention. Make sure you don’t leave any food hanging around and clean regularly, especially in potential points of entry.

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