What Nail Polish Stains, Mold and Hydrogen Peroxide Have In CommonOne thing we’ve learned about our readers, you guys really love to learn how to do stuff. And based on the popularity of certain posts, it’s because you spill (how to get nail polish out of carpet), have unwanted funk (how to kill mold), or really just need a laugh (clean jokes).

We love being your hydrogen peroxide: we’re inexpensive, highly effective, and leave your house a much cleaner, healthier place. Because we know you’d much rather watch Downton Abbey than use that time to clean a tile shower. And if figuring out how to clean granite countertops lets you sleep a little better at night, then we are happy to help.

Through all the years we’ve been in business, we have customized cleaning plans for thousands of people. We have made a difference in their lives, whether we show up every two weeks or every time they need a major overhaul. We love learning right along with you, and sharing what we find out. Keep asking us for advice, and we’ll keep delivering.

So what do nail polish stains, mold, and hydrogen peroxide have in common? Easy. All of us. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help!

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