QUIZ: What Does Your Car Interior Say About You?
Whether you are a polisher or a procrastinator, this fun online quiz helps you sort out your car-care personality and gives you customized car cleaning tips to bring out the best in your vehicle and the time you spend in it.

No matter what your results are, we can all benefit from these quick interior car care tips from The Maids.

The Maids Quick Interior Car Cleaning Tips:

If you’ve ever wondered, “How to clean my car in 10 minutes or less” you’re in luck. It turns out you don’t have to take all afternoon to keep a new car clean or keep an old car smelling great. You just need a few minutes.

Take 10 minutes every week and do the following:

  1. Clear out. Remove all items that shouldn’t be in your car and toss all trash.
  2. Wipe down. Use a soft cloth to dust and clean all vinyl and electronic surfaces.
  3. Suck up. Run a vacuum over the seats and floor mats. You can remove them and give them a thorough thwacking if you have more time. Use a soft-bristle attachment if you have leather.
  4. Clear off. Spray glass cleaner onto a paper towel and wipe all glass surfaces, inside and out. Wipe each side of the glass in opposite directions so you know which side has streaks if they show up.
  5. Breathe in. If the air already seems fresher, you can take a deep sigh of relief knowing that you’re done. If it still has a funk, it may need a new cabin air filter or an A/C odor treatment (check with your owner’s manual for the cabin filter or your friendly neighborhood mechanic for a professional bacterial de-funk). Whatever you do, don’t cover the source of the smell for lasting, healthier results.

Done! How clean can you make your car in ten minutes?


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