Holiday gift exchangesalso known as Yankee Swaps or White Elephant parties, are a fun tradition aimed at adding some lighthearted merriment to the season. For these events, guests bring a wrapped, but unlabeled, gift. Each person draws a number to determine the gift-opening order, and when their turn comes, they can choose either to “steal” another person’s unwrapped gift or to open a new one. Understandably, people become attached to certain gifts, sparking some playful competition. 

Choosing a white elephant gift requires some thought. Because of the nature of the game, it’s ideal to have a varied assortment of gifts. The goal is to bring something unique: a coveted conversation starter that will get your fellow party go-ers talking (and laughing).  

Whether playful or practical, we’re confident that in this list you’ll find something you can’t wait to bring.  







With this perfectly split pan, you can have your two different pies, and eat them too. 







Wrap yourself or a loved one up in this warm tortilla, and feel snug as a delicious burrito. This blanket puts the fun in functional, and it comes in a corn tortilla version for glutenfree friends.  







Anyone will feel like a Hogwarts graduate with this automatic pan stirrer. It includes a timer, allowing the cook to feel magical and not be tied to the stove.







This compact cube is filled with 135 questions intended to initiate fun and meaningful conversations. It’s a creative way for families to connect over the dinner table and discuss more than just the day’s events. 








Keep drinks snug and spill-proof with this silicone armrest coaster. It allows parents the freedom to use both hands while enjoying a nice, hot cup of coffee. 







This intentional Acts of Kindness Kit provides step-by-step instructions for doing your part to create a more loving world. What a wonderful way to start the New Year! 







Sometimes a busy mom’s only alone time is during a hot shower, so why not give her the option of simultaneously enjoying a beverage? This drink holder conveniently attaches to the shower wall for prime happy hour multitasking. 





Who needs therapy when you have bubble wrap? Answer: the majority of people. Regardless, everyone loves the satisfying fun that comes with popping these things. This hilarious 2020 calendar provides one stress-relieving pop per day.  







A gardener, landscape admirer, or new homeowner will love this Apple Tree to Be. It’s a charming kit containing the essentials for growing your very own apple tree. It’ll be a few years before seeing the fruits, but it’s guaranteed to be worth the wait. 

When you see your fellow partyers vying for your prized present, you’ll truly appreciate the meaning of the old saying: it is better to give than to receive.  

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