Moving tips HEADER_resizedHow to Stay Organized during the Transition

Moving cross-country just may be your personal Everest. It could be the most complicated logistical endeavor you ever undertake. Here at The Maids, we know that it’s all in the details. That’s why we’ve teamed up with FlatRate Moving to take stock of how to stay organized for the big transition.

Create a Moving Binder

Yes, even in this digital age, you’re going to want a physical contraption to store all the papers and contracts associated with this giant move. Moving cross-country is going to be one of the largest projects of your lifetime, so staying on top of everything both digitally and in the old analog style will be important. There are plenty of helpful moving apps, but get organized with your paper backups as well.

Pick the Right Time

Late summer is usually the most expensive time to move, with all the families that want to get settled before the school year starts. This may be easier said than done, but if you can be flexible and avoid that time, it will help you save a chunk of change.

Purge Like You Have Never Purged Before

Now it’s time to get ruthless. That collection of supposedly indispensable textbooks from grad school that you couldn’t do your job without? Gone. Collection of Little League trophies and sports jerseys from your childhood? Donate. The old-school pasta maker you picked up at the garage sale two years ago and never used? Find the local scrap metal place and try to make back a bit of that cash. Paying to haul or store your old possessions for the sake of sentimentality can put a real dent in your wallet. Avoid it at all costs.

Find a “Friend” Who Is Relocating

It’s all about the sharing economy these days. Again, flexibility can save you some serious cash. If you can piggyback on another person’s cross-country move, it might make good financial sense for the both of you. Check with your moving company to see what the possibilities might be for resource sharing.

Be Extra Careful About Packing Materials

If you are moving out of your parent’s house to an apartment across town, you can pack your favorite lamp in an old comforter. But with the distance of a New York to San Francisco trek, and the value of your dishes, housewares, electronics and artwork, it is time to get serious about proper packing technique and materials. Be very careful about which secondhand boxes you choose to use. Invest in bubble wrap for your stuff, or better yet, pay professionals to pack for you.

See What Your Employer Covers

If you are moving for a new job or a transfer within your company, ask what type of relocation package you might be eligible for. If your company won’t pony up any help, you might be able to deduct the cost of your cross-country move from your taxes. Check with a credible accountant to make sure.

Take Stock of Your Electronics (And All Those Cords!)

As you unplug your flat screens, computers and devices, take care to note which cord/charger goes with each and label them correctly. It’s better than creating a rat’s nest of cords in a cardboard box that just gets more and more tangled as it bounces across the country in the back of a truck.

Even as you face this daunting task, you can take small steps to ease the larger burden. Take these tips for moving cross country to heart, and you can get through it in one piece.

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