When clutter takes over and stresses you out, it’s best to attack it in one fell swoop. Here are twenty items you have your house right now that you don’t need. Grab a laundry basket or a large box and get ready to feel a lot better about life. It’s easier than you think.

Ready. Set. Throw.

1. Trash. (see? we told you this was easy.)
2. Expired medications. (dispose of these properly.)
3. Expired spices.
4. Small kitchen appliances that you haven’t used in three months.
5. Food storage containers or lids that don’t match.
6. Last month’s magazines and last week’s newspaper (recycle!)
7. Souvenirs that no longer hold significance.
8. Tchotchkes that hold some significance, but not enough to dust around.
9. Your bin of mateless socks (they’re never coming back).
10. Donate five t-shirts you haven’t worn in the last six months (repeat per family member)
11. The same goes for at least five items in your dresser (repeat per family member)
12. Donate the clothing from the first 10 hangers counting back from the darkest wall in your closet.
13. Donate dated jewelry, ties, scarves, and accessories.
14. Underwear that has exceeded its acceptable lifespan.
15. Pens that don’t work.
16. Books you don’t read.
17. Uncomfortable shoes.
18. That one pair of jeans (you know the pair we’re talking about)
19. Donate sporting equipment you haven’t used in a year.
20. Anything that takes longer to put together or maintain than it does to use.

We feel better already. Do you?

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