At The Maids, we’re committed to providing residential cleaning services for busy families and we strive to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our residential cleaning services deliver amazing value through quality service and premium products because we’re invested in our customers and our communities. Our franchise locations are just as committed to our success. In fact, sometimes they go so far above and beyond that it just WOWs us! We share their WOW stories every Wednesday. Here are our top 5.

  1. “WOW”Man’s Best Friend Leads Team to Client. The Maids in Overland Park, Kansas recently helped out a longtime weekly client who has undergone many health issues. One week, while cleaning, the team leader noticed the client’s dog was acting strange. The dog barked at the team leader until the team leader started to follow it. The dog eventually led the team leader to the client who had had an episode and fell on the front lawn. The team helped the client inside. She refused all offers to call family or an ambulance. The team leader asked the office to follow up with a call to ensure the client was okay. When the office called, the client reassured them she wore a first-alert button that allows her to summon help if needed. She went on to express how appreciative she is of The Maids always checking on her. She knows the team leader has been instrumental in providing the office with information to check on her during frequent hospital stays, sending flowers and overall checking in.

  2. Dog Appreciation is the Best Appreciation. When The Maids in Overland Park, Kansas arrived to clean a regular client’s house, one of the client’s dogs slipped out the front door. The dog is very old, blind and deaf and usually does not move very fast but did on that day. The team leader ran across the street, scooped up the dog and carried it back to the house. A much younger and bigger dog was waiting at the door to say, “Thanks” with snuggles and tail wags. The client was very happy as well!

  3. Award-Winning Support for Each Other. When a former employee of The Maids in Wichita, Kansas needed help, The Maids responded. This former employee and her family were victims of a road rage incident that left her four-year-old son hospitalized for several weeks with bullet wounds. The Maids employees organized a tamale fundraiser with everyone pitching in to donate ingredients and time to make and deliver the food. The Maids employees made 116 dozen tamales and ended up handing their former coworker $574. Although her son has a long recovery ahead, the former coworker cried tears of joy for The Maids remembering her.

  4. Sometimes it’s the Little Things That Mean the Most. The Maids in Overland Park, Kansas has a regular client whose wife suffers from debilitating episodes of depression that sometimes leaves her unable to get out of bed for days, which is why he initially hired The Maids. The client called to say his wife had some severe episodes but is always happy on the days when The Maids are coming. She loves how her house feels and smells when they leave, but what she really loves are the little extras they do like folding her favorite blanket on the couch or folding the paper towels in the kitchen. He thanked The Maids for sending such caring and kind people who pay attention to the details.

  5. A Gift That Keeps on Giving. The Maids in Sterling, Virginia received an excellent Yelp review from a client who had given his mother a gift certificate for a two-hour cleaning service for the holidays. The mother, who has hired several cleaning services in the past, told her son the team’s skill, attention to detail and standard for clean is unparalleled. Not only that, but the mother said The Maids team radiated so much positive, infectious energy it rubbed off. The son said it lifted his mother’s spirit for the rest of the week. His mother was so delighted at the level of clean and service that she recommended the team to friends. The son noted the franchise owner also went above and beyond when there was a hiccup with purchasing the gift certificate. The client was moved by the owner’s solution to remedy the situation and determination to give his mother a proper introduction to his company along with a great cleaning experience.

Experience your own WOW. Every one of our franchise teams strive to make sure you’ll have the best cleaning experience from a team that truly cares about their clients. See how affordable great service is by requesting a free estimate. 


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