Thanks to the power of Pinterest to our Pinterest page, we have found several blogs in the last year that have sparked our interest when it comes to nifty, do-it-yourself methods for cleaning. Here are my top five tips from The Maids Pinterest page.

5. Dryer Sheets for Blinds has found nearly 20 alternate uses for dryer sheets, but one of the most useful ones is cleaning your blinds. The sheet will not only collect the existing dust on the surface, but also create an antistatic barrier to prevent additional dust from building up.





4. The No Scrub Way To Clean Your Stove Burners

The “V Spot” blogger writes about how to easily clean your stove burners and grates using ammonia, a large Ziploc baggie and about 12 hours of wait time. The results are truly amazing.







3. Lemon Juice & Knives.

Courtney shares her amazing discovery about how to remove rust spots from your knives in her “Embracing the Moment” blog. All you have to do is soak them in lemon juice for a few minutes, then scrub them clean. How easy is that?








2. De-germ your house with your dishwasher

The “Fun, Cheap and Free Queen,” blogged about an amazing way to disinfect a large amount of items, all at once…in the dishwasher! Toothbrushes, binkies, brushes, and yes, even toys are stacked to the max and turn out completely germ free in no time.







1.     How to Clean a Sponge With a Microwave Oven

The website always has great tips and tricks for making the cleaning process as easy and efficient as possible. One of my personal favorites is cleaning a sponge in the microwave oven. It’s true! Research shows that zapping your sponge in the microwave (not the dishwasher) for a few minutes will kill bacteria.,Cleaning your sponge every few days will save you money and help keep your family healthy.


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