The Maids has tips to quickly, efficiently clean the house

Does the end of a workweek signify the start of housecleaning? Don’t vacuum, scrub and dust away all your free time. At The Maids, we’ve spent years developing efficient methods to clean every room and every surface.

And we are happy to share. From the top:

Get it together. Gather equipment and cleaning products before beginning. Put everything in a bucket, laundry basket or kid’s wagon, and take it with you as you clean. You won’t waste time running across the room to retrieve cleaning products or equipment.

Turn on tunes. Either through an iPod, other MP3 player or radio, turn music on and up. Up-tempo songs will brighten your mood and get you moving quicker.

Be methodical. Start cleaning at the entryway of each room and move around the perimeter clockwise. Section the room and clean left to right, top to bottom, leaving the middle until last. Using a systematic approach to cleaning guarantees all areas are cleaned without having to retrace steps.

Specialize. Use a different cleaning cloth for each cleaning product. Wear an apron with big pockets to organize your cloths; place the wood-polishing cloth in one pocket, the glass-cleaning one in another, etc.

Extend yourself. Use a long extension cord so you don’t have to continually unplug and re-plug the vacuum cleaner. Use the vacuum’s brush attachment with an extension handle to reach cobwebs in high corners.

Wipe once and move on. Don’t waste time scrubbing. Use straight, overlapping strokes combined with the right cleaning tool.

Pre-treat. Pre-treat a tough spot and come back after the product has had time to do its job, then wipe with a non-scratch scouring pad. This saves on elbow grease and frees you to clean something else.

Be conservative. Use only the amount of cleaning product required to do the job. Otherwise, you will just waste time wiping up the excess.

Vacuum last. Remember the top to bottom rule. Vacuuming last catches any fallen dust at the end of the clean.

Remember the finishing touches. Straighten magazines into neat piles, fluff pillows and buff chrome. Small touches give a room a finished look, no matter how fast you cleaned it.

Housecleaning vanquished, and you didn’t even need body armor. Of course, if you’d like to free up even more of your valuable time, contact The Maids for help. Click here to find The Maids nearest you.

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