Whenever you tuck your child into bed, choose an outfit for the day or just walk by their room, you see it … the clutter.  Clothes piled up on floor, toys strewn about and who knows what underneath the bed. Even if you close the door, it’s there, nagging at the back of your brain.  A child’s room offers them a space to play and sleep that’s all their own but it’s not serving its purpose if clutter and garbage have taken over.  Take a breath, make a plan and follow these tips to tame the mess. 

  1. Grab a garbage bag.  Children acquire so many playthings from school, birthday parties and fast food meals you may not be aware of how much they’ve amassed until it is literally spilling out onto the floor. Grab a garbage bag and toss anything that’s broken, cheap or hasn’t been played with for years; children grow out of toys fast, especially when going from preschool to elementary.  Those toys in good condition can be donated or sold in a yard sale. 
  2. Organize toys by use.  Organizing the toys you want to keep by use will help keep clutter to a minimum. Store seldom played with toys in the top of the closet or in a storage tub somewhere else in the house. Keep favorite toys in bins or baskets that are easily accessible by little ones for playtime. 
  3. Divide room by use.  Place a floor pillow or soft chair in a corner of the room for reading books or playing on tabletsAttach a bookshelf to a nearby wall so their favorite stories are in easy reach. Add a table or desk in another corner for art projects and tabletop toys. Put dolls and figurines in baskets and set them near dollhouse areas for easy reach and clean up. 
  4. Rethink the closet.  Tiny clothes don’t take up a lot of closet space, allowing you to repurpose the extra room. Use bins on the top shelf to sort toys, games and clothes. You can even add shelving inside the closet to hold toys and games, turning the space into an extra play nook. 
  5. Utilize under-the-bed storage.  Every kid stashes stuff under the bed so use that to your advantage by creating drawers or bins specifically for that purpose. Legos and art supplies are ideal for under-the-bed storage. Make sure your bins are large enough to hold everything. You can go a step further by adding wheels to the bottom of drawers for easy play access. 
  6. Invest in a stuffed animal bin.  Stuffed animals can be hard to wrangle as they don’t sit on shelves easily and take up a lot of room in toyboxes.  Get a large enough bin to contain the stuffed animals but one that’s open so your child doesn’t feel like they’re being locked away. 
  7. Get kids involved.  Work with your kids to organize their space right from the beginning.  Ask them what they like about their room and what they don’t like.  Have them help choose what stays and what goes.  Once the room is cleared and organized, talk about how all the items now have homes and everything goes back there after play 

Everyone loves a clean, clutter-free room, even kids. Once you declutter, give The Maids a call.  We will come in and make sure all the rooms surfaces shine and are dust-free. With one-time, recurring or seasonal cleaning services, we have customized cleaning plans to tackle any mess. 

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