A central component of holiday celebrating is quality time spent with family and friends. Because of physical distance and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, these times together are perfect for slowing down and savoring it all.

But if your home is the celebratory destination, the time leading up to the event can be hectic. Kick the stress to the curb and let your hosting skills shine with these five simple tips.

  1. Provide guests with adequate space. When it comes to the guest room, make sure you’ve left your guests enough space for their belongings. Create an area for their suitcase and consider clearing a shelf or drawer so they can feel comfortable unpacking.

  2. Beautify the bed. It’s important that their sleeping space is comfortable and inviting. Wash the sheets, duvet, and all other linens. Use soft pillowcases and provide a few pillow choices of varying firmness.

  3. Make necessities available. Provide your guests with lots of extra towels and washcloths. Keep travel-sized toiletries available in a bathroom drawer: perhaps an extra few toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. Also, remember to offer your home’s Wi-Fi password in a prominent location.

  4. Go the extra mile. Oftentimes, the thoughtfulness is shown in the details. There are lots of fun ways in which hosts can make their guests feel extra special. Some touches you can include in the guest room are: extra water bottles (and perhaps some packaged snacks), current reading material, beautifully scented candles, or a fresh floral arrangement.

  5. Deep clean. The most important element in welcoming guests is presenting them with a spotless environment. This is the time to pull out all the stops: vacuum under the bed, dust those hard-to-reach shelves, and scrub that shower floor well. The most time-efficient (and effective!) way to get this chore done is to let us do it for you! Our 22-Step Cleaning Process is guaranteed to get your home guest-ready. 

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