Bathroom cleanliness is usually a pretty precise barometer for the overall state of the house. Inversely, sparkling bathrooms make the other spaces feel instantly better. It’s obvious that keeping your bathrooms free of ~unpleasantries~ like fungus and bacteria is vital, but the chore itself is among the most dreaded of household tasks.

Much like another tedious chore (the laundry), the key to keeping a bathroom clean routine maintenance. Dealing with duties on a schedule will help keep things manageable (and easy to delegate to allowance-motivated children).

These are some tasks that need to be completed daily:

  • Attend to mirror splatters.
  • Wipe counters, sinks, and faucet handles.
  • Tidy toiletries.

Most sanitizing duties need to be done once a week, so it’s wise to choose a day that works and stick to it.

  • Dust from top to bottom with a microfiber cloth, beginning with light fixtures and shelves. Everything that falls will be collected when you clean the floors at the end.
  • Open windows and turn on the fan for added ventilation.
  • Fill the tub with a couple inches of hot water and let it sit. The temperature of the water will help the cleaning products do their job.
  • Drain the water, then spray cleaning product- whether commercial or homemade- to the tub and tile. Allow it to stand for five minutes. Use your waiting time to organize toiletries and other items taking up counter space.
  • Scrub, scrub, scrub! Using a scrub brush or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, get that product working on the tub and tiles. Remember to rinse.
  • Apply disinfectant to sinks, counter, and towel racks, and then wipe with a microfiber cloth. With a dampened cloth or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, wipe down baseboards.
  • Spray window cleaner- commercial or homemade- to the mirrors. Use a paper towel to wipe in a “zig-zag” motion, avoiding streaks.
  • Mop the floors.

Attending to these daily and weekly chores will prevent the inevitable Mom Meltdown that sometimes accompanies a disastrously dirty house. To get bathrooms that sparkle (and for any cleaning needs), call The Maids.

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