Three Ways to Warm Up Electronic Greetings

This year’s late Thanksgiving holiday is throwing shoppers, party planners, and decorators into a highly caffeinated frenzy. No one feels the pinch more than the holiday card sender, who will give up sleep and meals to mail a picture perfect holiday greeting before the end of the year. Given our increasingly digital world, we have to ask: could there be another way?

While we realize the Internet sometimes has a reputation of being cold and impersonal, there are many easy (and quick and stress-free!) ways to add warmth and love to your electronically shared spirit, pictures, and news.

  • Share a candid holiday photo (think snowball fights or a snapshot of the baking frenzy) and invite others to do the same. Make sure to emphasize how good the moment makes you feel or how happy you are that you can share these moments so quickly with your loved ones.
  • Use the time you would have spent designing a photo card or addressing envelopes and craft a fun family limerick or “Top Ten List” instead.
  • Write a Facebook post recalling a particular holiday memory from your childhood and invite family or friends to include their sides of the story. Like fighting over the last slice of homemade bread. Or the time your grandparents gave each of the grandkids socks and underwear.
  • Tell people what you are doing with the time and money you would normally spend on holiday cards. Are you donating to a local shelter? Snuggling with your kids? Saving the planet one tree at a time?
  • If you have email addresses or are Facebook friends with most of the people on your holiday card mailing list, consider writing a personal holiday message with a picture.

This isn’t to say you should forego the mailed greetings all together. However, when the scale tips from the task being a wonderful holiday tradition to being a maddening source of Scrooge-ness, it may be time to either whittle down the address list or consider alternative ways of spreading the cheer.

What sort of greetings will you be doing this year?

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