Three Free Apps for Tracking Your Recycling Habits.
We all understand the benefits of recycling, but we may not know what is recyclable and where it can be recycled. Here are three great (and FREE) recycling apps that help answer those two questions and more. Earth Day is April 22nd—what better time to start saving the planet!

When you are looking for places to recycle that are convenient to your current location, Earth 911’s iRecycle is your go-to recycling app. Not only is it free, it also provides access to more than 1.6 million ways to recycle more than 350 materials. Even if you are pretty eco-savvy, it’s not easy to always know which things can be recycled or repurposed. iRecycle lets you search by item, from cellphone cords to random electronics, and tells you the closest recycling location, from retail stores to dedicated recycling plants. iRecycle is available on Android and iPhone.

You’re saving the world by recycling, and as if that wasn’t rewarding enough, apps like Recyclebank reward your conscientious behavior with fun deals and discounts on products and services. Being a part of “The We Cycle” is what powers RecycleBank, the app that inspires small actions that can have a big impact. It works through partnerships with communities and waste haulers; the more recyclable material that is collected, the more points for everyone in that community.

1800Recycling App
When you need to find recycling locations quickly and easily, the 1800recycling App is intuitive and easy to use. Formally known as My Recycle List, 1800Recycling not only makes recycling easier, it also allows you to organize and save your favorite locations and share your good deeds throughout social media.

Maximize the benefits of recycling without wasting time, energy, or resources with these free recycling apps, available now on almost every platform.

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