Things Are Looking Up- 7 Surprising Ways to Dress Up Your Ceilings
Ceilings are often referred to as the “forgotten fifth wall”, but no more! Distract your guests between house cleanings with the newest trend in home décor! Make your ceiling (not your stacks of paperwork and randomly placed socks) the focus of the attention.


Go ornate: Sometimes you have to approach your ceiling décor the same way Garfield the Cat approaches sandwiches—go big. The grander your ceiling, the less you have to do with the room below it, although you may want to consider couches or chairs with comfortable neck rests. If your walls could talk, they would say how jealous they were of this ceiling.


Add molding: Crown molding and decorative trim provide the crowning touch to ceilings of rooms both large and small. No matter the size of the molding or the intricacy of the design, adding a cohesive element like trim can set rooms, lighting and other focal points apart.


Add a texture: Having popcorn ceilings isn’t the end of the world; in fact, they may be just the beginning. There are numerous ways to update outdated ceiling finishes, from Styrofoam tiles to bead board to draped fabric.


Make an artful statement. If a ceiling is a fifth wall, why not treat it as such? Use them to display your collections, from mounted plates to picture frames to postcards from around the world. When using this approach, keep your walls crisp, clean and simple so that the ceiling can speak for itself without having to shout.


Wallpaper isn’t just for walls: If your ceilings are barren of texture, wallpaper is a great way to add interest, color and pattern to guest rooms, bathrooms and dining rooms. Choosing the right pattern will depend completely on your style and the shape of the room, but many rooms can benefit from a touch of whimsy and loose pattern repeats. Wallpapered ceilings look best with crown molding, as it provides a structured “frame” for its artful departure from the walls.


Let there be light. If your crown is letting you down, brighten its spirits by tucking LED lighting tape within its recesses. This technique works great in rooms with symmetrical shapes and can be an added interest in bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms where soft light enhances the mood of the activities below.


Just add color: Dark, bold colors will make a ceiling feel closer, which can make large rooms feel more intimate. You can make a small room feel bigger, and short ceilings feel taller, when you paint the ceiling a slightly lighter color than walls. This approach not only connects the ceiling to the space, it also gives the impression of added height. Ceilings with a pop of color, like in this kitchen below, allow homeowners to keep a relatively blank slate with their finishes without sacrificing style and personality. Extra bonus: It’s easy to change!  Go with ultra-flat paint to help absorb light and hide imperfections.


I’m a firm believer in using home décor as a pretty way of diverting visitors (okay, and myself) from a home’s natural disorder and chaos. How do you keep your guests distracted from your messy, beautiful life—other than hire an amazing cleaning service?

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