The Ultimate Cleaning Task_Mission SpaceThe Maids officially declare war on space! Okay, not space itself, and not even really a war, but nevertheless, cleaning ‘space junk’ is the most epic cleaning mission of all time. Luckily, plenty of scientists have taken pressure off The Maids and have come up with different tactics to protect Earth and the space around it from orbiting debris. So how are they planning on protecting us from the threat of space junk invasion?

A “janitor satellite” may seem a little out of this world, but Swiss scientists launched it last February to eliminate orbiting debris, or space junk that could be a danger to present or future space missions.

Another idea of ridding space of old satellites and trash is a space harpoon, designed to tow the debris into the atmosphere to be burned. A little more complex than burning leaves, this harpoon may be ready for testing within three years.

Will Saturday be Garbage Day in space? The European Space Agency’s plan to create galactic garbage “trucks” will involve launching automated transfer vehicles on missions to gather space junk to bring it to Earth for collection and removal.

What’s space without lasers? NASA’s idea of using lasers for solving the space junk conundrum doesn’t involve destroying the space junk, just moving it out of the way. The laser would be set up on one of the Earth’s poles and cost a cheap $1 million.

So scientists might not be ready to go too infinity and beyond to get rid of the space junk, but when they are The Maids will be behind them with support from one fellow cleaning expert to another. Until then, live long and clean.

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