You are doing more with less, like cleaning more things in less time and with less effort. For today’s sparkling home, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. And while that may mean having a little muscle in your corner (hint, hint) or doing it all yourself, the favorite blogs of 2018 show you love to keep it clean.  

Can I Afford A Maid Service 

This is the milliondollar question we get asked all the time and the answer is … yes, with a couple of caveatsThis blog does a great job of illustrating where some of your money might currently go compared to what a cleaning service costs. You decide if a maid service can provide more value than what youre currently spending and we’ll come up with a customized cleaning solution that fits your needs. 

The Best Cleaning Checklist for Every Room 

How does the saying go, “Success is 90 percent preparation and 10 percent perspiration”? Our compilation of room-by-room checklists gives you the edge when it comes to cleaning every room of your house. Bookmark this page! 

When’s The Last Time You Cleaned These Things 

If you’re only superficially cleaning your home, you are missing out on the deep, satisfying clean our 22-Step Healthy Touch system provides. This blog goes beyond the surface to describe how The Maids can transform the look and health of your home. 

How To Take A Vacation From Housework 

What’s better than a vacation? Coming home after a relaxing week or two to a sparkling, fresh, clean home! And whether you enlist the help of your family, local services or The Maids, your home will be the place you love to leave, but love, even more, to return to! 

Housekeeping Services Now With Extra Muscle 

We were jumping for joy this year (and so were our customers) because we announced a new co-branding partnership with Mr. Clean! Our professional, exceptional cleaning service got a little more muscle thanks to Mr. Clean’s safe products. We’re excited that this partnership will give our customers a little boost in the healthy home cleaning department! Call us for a FREE estimate to see what we can do for you!  

These blogs were chosen by the number of impressions they received in 2018. Got another favorite you can’t believe didn’t make the list? Share it below!  

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