Top Blogs of 2017If the top blogs of 2017 are any indication, we all want to have less clutter, cleaner bathrooms, kids pitching in, and a professional team of house cleaners on their way–at least every once in awhile. Sound familiar?

Here are some of the most popular blogs from 2017

1. Toss These 20 Things From Your Home Right Now

This blog cuts to the quick with clutter; in less than two minutes you’ll know exactly how to rid your home of the most non-essential items. Perfect for that January day when you are riddled with cabin fever and crave more room to move around–just print out the list and happily cross off as you toss!

2. Kids Come Clean: 5 Tips From Master Mess Makers

“Out of the mouths of babes … comes some pretty great cleaning advice,” says this popular blog from 2017. If you haven’t read how these elementary kids approach cleaning, you just may learn a thing or two about what’s important. And about dinosaurs.

3. 5 Chores Your Kids Will Love To Do

If you have kids, you have messes–and you also have more hands to help. The trick to letting kids in on the action (and the responsibility, accountability, and team-building) is to make it fun. Taking care of ourselves and the home we live in is a life lesson, and one it’s never too early to learn.

4. Keeping it Clean: Bathroom Edition

That feeling when…you walk into a bathroom after it has been cleaned by The Maids. Bright. Shiny. Fresh. If you’re like the everyone else on the planet, you want to keep that feeling as long as possible–and we have five very easy tips to make sure that happens.

5. Prepping for The Maids: How Much Do I *Really* Need to Clean Up?

It’s a question everyone asks–and one we’re happy to answer. Starting a regular cleaning service can take some getting used to, but so does everything that can make a dramatic difference in your quality of life (and the clean state of your home).

These blogs were chosen by number of impressions–are there any other articles from 2017 that made an impression on you? Let us know below!





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