The Taming of the Shoe- Give Unorganized Closets the Boot

We’re not sure about your house, but in ours, lost shoes have taken years off our lives. Nothing ratchets up the stress of leaving for school, holiday parties, or soccer games more than that last-minute scramble for a shoe that has plunged into the abyss of the closet.

Lucky for us, Pinterest has provided us with creative ways to organize coat closets and wrangle in wandering footwear.

 On top of these ideas, we also found that “paring” down the sheer volume of shoes helped tremendously. Divide shoes into their appropriate seasons and pack up the ones that are in the way. Take stock of which shoes are actually being worn regularly, which ones fit, and which ones are for a specific purpose, like soccer. You may find that some shoes need to be donated and some shoes need to be stored elsewhere, like in the trunk, so that they are one step ahead of you as you head to the game.


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