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Looking back at our top blogs is like looking through a photo album. Remember the time you guys went crazy over how to use a humidity drawer? Or those funny cleaning memes you can’t stop talking about? Or when you learned what that gross pink film was in your bathtub?

Alas, some memories are more educational than lovely.

We’ve scoured through our numbers to come up with a list of our best cleaning and organizing blogs from 2015. Here they are in order of their popularity, starting with #10.

nail polish and mold

#10 What Nail Polish Stains, Mold, and Hydrogen Peroxide Have In Common.

This post just shows us that you love consolidated information just as much as you love nail polish and hate mold. We get it. You like your cleaning blogs to be useful—and this one definitely is.


washing clothes in hot water

#9 The Pros and Cons of Washing Your Clothes in Hot Water.

Figuratively speaking, being in hot water is not a good thing, and this is especially true for sensitive fabrics and some dyes as well as bacteria and dirt. The trick to using hot water effectively is to know which battles to fight, and this blog about cleaning laundry gets it done. 


best blogs of 2015

#8 Best Organizing Blogs of 2015 (Besides Ours).

One thing is for certain, 2015 was the year for cleaning and organizing blogs. Ours has been around for years, and we love the different angles other companies and writers take on helping us all be able to find our stuff.


organizing plastic containers

#7 Don’t Lose Your Lid: 5 Tips For Keeping Plastic Containers Organized.

There are times when it feels like plastic containers and socks must conspire together to make homeowners feel like we’re crazy. This blog helps wrangle in lost lids with five handy hacks.


how long does a cleaning service take

#6 How Long Does It Take For A Cleaning Service To Clean A Home?

We give you the clean and dirty details in the blog that answers this important question. As you can imagine, it’s pretty relative; it all depends on how much cleaning you need.


uses for essential oils

#5 13 Uses For Essential Oils That Will Blow Your Mind.

If you read this aromatic blog about cleaning, you’d know all about essential oils and their uses throughout the home, from pest control to stress control. Learn more about what lavender, lemon, maleluca, and peppermint can do for you!


tip your housecleaner

#4 Do You Tip Your House Cleaner?

This may not be the million-dollar-question (unless you were very, very happy with your cleaning service), but it is a valid one. Our cleaning blog addresses gratuity with a few good tips.


ways to remove biofilm

#3 6 Ways To Remove Pink Biofilm For Good Health.

When pink film in the bathtub is ruining your clean reputation, leave it to the best cleaning blogs and a little elbow grease to stop it in its tracks.


how to use humidity drawers in refrigerator

#2 How To Use Refrigerator Humidity Drawers The Right Way.

We learned just as much in writing this blog as you all did reading it. It’s amazing how little we know about an appliance we use every day, especially one that can actually make our food taste better and last longer!


cleaning memes

#1 10 Cleaning Memes That Prove You Aren’t Alone.

This one nearly goes without saying; laughter is the best medicine when you’re sick of cleaning!


Thanks for following our blog throughout 2015! What cleaning and organizing blogs and topics would you love to see us cover in 2016?

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