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Ahh, a clutter free desk. Plenty more room for a delicious lunch! Photo credit mik_p on Flickr.

Today’s job market has encouraged many professionals to start their own small businesses or work as freelancers from home. And while working home has its perks, you likely don’t have that professional cleaning service to help you out when the day is done.

Whether you run a company out of your home or just use it to pay bills, your workspace should be neat and organized. Follow these tips from The Maids to reduce clutter where it counts:

·Keep a can of non-flammable air duster handy to regularly clean your keyboard and telephone keys. Canned air removes dust, dirt and microscopic debris from hard to reach areas.

·If you have a mouse with a roller ball on the bottom, remove it, and use the air duster to clean out trapped dirt and dust from the mouse. Use a damp cloth to wash the roller ball, thoroughly dry it off, and insert it back into the mouse.

·Keep a can of antistatic cleaning and dusting spray to clean your computer monitor and scanner glass. Spray the cloth first and then wipe sown the equipment. The product should be oil- and wax-free to get the best clean with antistatic protection to repel future dust.

·Microfiber cloths are handy to keep in your desk drawer for quick everyday dusting because they hold and attract dust without using cleaning spray.

·Keep a bottle of disinfectant for your keyboard, mouse and telephone receiver. Make sure your computer is off. Spray the disinfectant on a cloth and then gently wipe down your computer keys, mouse and telephone.

·To organize paperwork, label manila file folders according to the financial papers that you deal with on a regular basis. Go through your stacks of paper and mail, and file each piece accordingly. As new mail is received, put it in the proper place.

·Throw away junk mail immediately so it doesn’t pile up. Create an “in box” that only has bills or mail that must be processed within a week’s time.

·Throw or give away old computer manuals and software that you don’t use anymore. Give books to second-hand stores or donate to reading programs.

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